September 9: Reported Coronavirus Cases Remain Low in U.S.


Strangely, the expected surge of COVID-19 cases and deaths after Labor Day did not happen.  There were only 28,550 cases reported in the U.S. yesterday, bringing the total to 6.35 million.  There were also only 462 deaths, lest than half of a week prior, bringing the total death toll to 189,538.

Perhaps this is still a lag.  Likely, fewer people were tested over the holiday weekend because they were busy.  Work places that require testing were probably closed.

But what if this is not the case?  What if cases are actually dropping, even as colleges and grade schools start up.

That would be an interesting dynamic.

Is this a trend, or a fluke? Time will tell.  In fact, we should know more in two or three days.