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The COVID Collapse is Coming – Prepare Now

COVID-19 is doing lasting damage to our country and our economy. In this post, we explore the lasting effects and what you can do to prepare yourself.
Flying in the COVID-19 era. Photo by ismail mohamed - SoviLe on Unsplash.

What COVID-19 Problems will Recur and How to Protect Yourself

We've seen what COVID-19 can do to the economy and the nation. We've all lived through a recession. Let's combine those lessons learned and prepare for 2021.
The Kindling Cracker

Product Review: How the HA Kindling Cracker Stacks Up

We found the Kindling Cracker to be a safe and easy way to chop kindling. Great for people with little or no prior experience or who may be uncomfortable using an axe or hatchet.
We go into Self Quarantine to prevent COVID-19 infection

Prepper Diary December 17: We Begin to Self-Quarantine Again

Five month after we lifted our own, personal self-imposed quarantine, the rising rates of COVID-19 are causing us to withdraw from public once again.
Winter Landscape with Trees. Image by Ina Hoekstra from Pixabay.

Prepper Diary December 17: The Winter Storm Strikes

As much of the North East was blanketed with snow, we weather our first winter storm in our new prepper property.
The Streamlight TL-Racker shotgun fore end with integrated flashlight

Product Review: The Streamlight TL-Racker Shotgun Fore End Flashlight

Pete installs the Streamlight TL Racker fore end light on his Mossberg Shockwave and gives you his unbiased feedback.
Positive COVID Test

COVID-19 Cases Rise in U.S. as Vaccination Program Kicks Off

As the vaccine starts rolling out around the country, numbers continue to rise, possibly as a result of Thanksgiving.
Flame in a fireplace. Photo by Maurice Sahl on Unsplas0.h

Prepper Diary December 14: Struggling to Stay Warm Without Overheating

With a wood stove, its easy to male the room too hot, but that is probably better than being too cold. We struggle to find the sweet spot.
A dirt road.

Prepper Diary December 13: Our Move is Over but the Fun...

Our move is over but the unpacking will take days. We are exhausted, but the poor truck diver had a really bad trip.
hunting rifle. Photo from BigStock.

Are Your Guns as Well Prepared as You Are?

Guns break under the best of circumstances., but stocking a few key parts and some handy tools can keep your armory up and running in good times and bad.