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Jerky vs biltong

Product Review: What’s Better, Beef Jerky or Biltong?

When it comes to dried meat, jerky is an American stable. But how does it compare to biltong, the favorite snack food of South Africans?
A Chevy Colorado

Prepper Diary December 30: I Finally Buy a New Truck

We finally reached the point where it was getting tough to live without a pickup truck. They are just so useful around rural property.
The track up the mountain in the snow and fog

Prepper Diary December 29: We Repair our Water System

Disasters never seem to happen when the weather is nice. We have to climb the mountain to repair our water system on a cold, wet, foggy day.
Masks marked 2020

COVID Threat Grows in the Media, If Not in Statistics

2020 was the year of the mask. No one is sad to see it go. Data shows COVID-19 growth slowed last week, even as media panic grows.
A fire burning inside our Fisher Stove

Prepper Diary December 27: Our Focus on the Temperature and the...

Our wood stove is cranking out the heat, keeping the cold at bay. The pile of red-hot coals generate the most heat while the logs that are burning brightly will soon be coals themselves.
faucet Dripping

Prepper Diary December 26: Bitterly Cold Weather Brings Frozen Pipe...

Wind chills drop to the negative teens and we work on keeping the house warm and preventing our pipes from freezing.
Snowy scene from our window

May you have a Very Prepper Christmas

We are enjoyed a white Christmas, which is both a blessing and a little but of a curse when you live on a steep mountain. This is the time of year when you wish you owned a snow machine.
Giving a gift

This Christmas, Give a Gift to Someone You Don’t Know

On Christmas, even more than other days, we are thankful that we have so much when others have so little. Give a gift so someone you don't know. Support a foodbank or other charity.
Stover thermometer reading too high

Prepper Diary December 23: Adventures in Heating with Wood and Christmas...

We continue to learn while heating our house with wood, We also do some exploring of local general stores and other resources.
Emergency Room Signage

India Surpasses 10 Million Cases, UK Fears New Strain as COVID...

COVID-19 is setting records across the globe as countries battle just to hold heir ground against the encroaching virus. The UK is reportedly facing a new strain and we have to wonder where else it will spread.