Prepper Diary December 17: We Begin to Self-Quarantine Again

We go into Self Quarantine to prevent COVID-19 infection
We go into Self Quarantine to prevent COVID-19 infection

I started this blog back on March 14, which was our first day of self-imposed quarantine.  That quarantine ended about four months later and we resumed much of our normal shopping habits during the summer, even though we rarely ate out and avoided most public gatherings.  In other words, we played it safe without being too restrictive.

Given the massive number of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. and in our new home and the surrounding states, we figured it’s time to start being cautious once again.  And what better place to do it than up here at the end of the road in the mountains?

Our tactics are as follows:

  • Shop in person as little as possible and order groceries online for curbside pickup
  • Order products from, and other online stores when we need something we cannot find something at the grocery store
  • Go to the post office to pick up mail during off hours when no one is there
  • Hold our recycling and garbage so we make as few trips as possible to the dump
  • Visit only with the immediate neighbors, who rarely leave their house

What Self Quarantine Means to Us

You take running out for an errand, traveling, eating out, or getting together with friends pretty much for granted until you can’t do those things.

Our decision to self-quarantine means we won’t be there when our granddaughter is born.  In fact, we may not meet her for months.

It means some projects may get delayed as we are unable to shop for supplies.

I may delay buying my new truck.  I doubt any of those “We’ll drop your new car off” places will be driving up our mountain to deliver a new truck, and if we aren’t going out, we really won’t need one.

I’ll be re-reading old books and digging out my Kindle so I can read some eBooks.

We’ll do some local hiking and explore the area.

Live Your Life the Prepper Way

I’ve always said you should like your life like you want.  Stay home and self-quarantine if you want, but don’t feel obligated to.  Take the vaccine if you want, but don’t let someone for you to do so.  I wrote earlier this year about being independent and this ties into that,

It’s getting bad out there.  We know more people getting sick each week.  California has more cases than many countries.

Remember that last winter’s COVID-19 brought this summer’s protests and an increase in crime.  Prepare for what this winter’s lockdown will bring: possibly more crime, more protests, more shortages, more economic harm, and more hunger. 

If you thought 2020 was bad, you’d better prep for 2021.