The Walls are Up as Chicken Coop Framing Continues

Framed chicken coop
Framed chicken coop

Work on the chicken coop continued thanks to the nicest weather we’ve had in all of 2021. All four walls are framed and up.

We also experimented with different lengths of rafters for the roof and the overhang. We settled on a 7-foot roof. It stick out about two feet in the front and 9 inches in the back. You can see the 2×4 we pinned up there to give us an idea of what it would look like.

Today’s post is going to be a photo essay. Enjoy.

Front wall is raised
Pushing the front wall up was easier than expected. We used scrap 2x4s in front to keep the wall from sliding off the raised floor as we erected it. We then pinned it in place with other scrap while the large 2x4s at an angle acted as braces to help hold it steady. The two wide opening will be the access hatches that allow us to gain entry to the coop to clear in out.
Framed Chicken Coop
This is a closed look at the framed coop after all four sides have been framed and erected. We had to be careful tying the walls together to make sure everything stayed square and true.
Side view of coop
As you can see in this image, we decided not to go with a slanted side wall. Since it is not a structural wall, we used a four-foot high wall, like the rear of the coop. The rafter is just for show. We tacked up different lengths to help us decide what length we would need. The one shown is seven feet.
Tools of the trade
Tools of the trade. Nails guns are useful, but sometimes nothing beats a hammer.
The Walls are Up as Chicken Coop Framing Continues