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A wave

Warning: Another COVID-19 Wave Could Strike the U.S.

You can get bowled over by the wave, or you can ride it. Your choice. preparing, just in case, will help you ride it.

Prepper News Update, June 30

San Francisco Residents Prepare to Flee In a recent survey, 40 percent of San Francisco residents say they plan to leave the city in the...

Do Water Wars Loom in Our Future as Western Drought Worsens?

We've fought wars over oil. How much worse does the megadrought have to get before blows are exchanged over water?

Prepper News Update for June 29

We’ve been including occasional prepper news updates in our articles for some time with links to articles on topics of interest. Effective today, we...
Propane tank

Survival Diary June 28: Propane Possibilities

Our all-electric house may be getting its first propane-powered appliance. That could be the foot in the door.
international currency

What is Hyperinflation and How to Survive it

Are you prepared for runaway inflation? Is anyone? We discuss what hyperinflation looks like and tactics to survive it.
Rising Prices

Double Digit Inflation Causes Pain in my Wallet

Its pretty shocking when things I bought in March and April cost more just two or three months later. Inflation is here, and its far more than 4 or 5 percent.
Covid patient. Photo by Mufid Majnun on Unsplash.

Many Vaccines Less Effective with Delta Variant of COVID-19

Perhaps people would take the Delta variant of COVID-19 more seriously if they called it COVID-21. Its causing another wave in much of the world.
Chicks that are 18 days old

The Chicken Coop is Complete, but the Chicks aren’t Quite Ready...

We got off to a slow start back in mid-March and the weather wasn't the most cooperative, but we've finally finished building the chicken coop.
Crime Scene

We Know we Made the Right Decision when we Left the...

We've owned our Prepper Property for more than a year and lived in it full time for about six months. Talk about getting out while the getting was good!