Prepper News Update for June 29


We’ve been including occasional prepper news updates in our articles for some time with links to articles on topics of interest. Effective today, we are breaking these out as separate posts rather than including them in our daily post.

If you come across an article you think would be of interest, use the contact us page to forward it to us. Include the headline and a URL. A brief summary is also welcome.

Venezuelans Make U.S. Border Crossing to Escape Socialism

More Venezuelans have been intercepted at the border in 2021 than in the past 14 years combined. Why are they fleeing? Because the socialist state has turned comfortable middle class doctors, engineers and school teachers into desperate, miserable hungry refugees. One recent Venezuelan refugee said it is better to wash toilets here than to be an engineer there, where she earned just $50 a month.

COVID-19 Global Cases and Deaths Likely Much Higher

Yesterday, we linked to an article the reported that the U.S. may have under-reported early COVID-19 cases by 17 million. Today, we learn that India may have under-reported COVID-19 deaths by as many as 1 million. In our coronavirus coverage, we’ve tried to always use the term “reported” when we convey cases and deaths. Now research is showing that reports in India, Africa and Latin America may be only a fraction of the true numbers. While Johns Hopkins reports 181 million cases 3.9 million deaths, the number could be closer to 500 million cases and 10 million deaths.