Just a Short Update and Prepper News Recap

Hurricane Elsa heads north.
Hurricane Elsa heads north.

Not much going on around the homestead today, so I did chores and got things prepper in case storms from Hurricane Elsa get this far.  I fed the chickens, added a super to another beehive, fed the weakest beehive, stacked firewood, paid some bills, and a friend came over to visit.  My wife went to the farmer’s market and then to Yoga, so I took a nap.

Like much of the East, we are expecting some rain associate with Elsa, but probably not a serious storm.  The heaviest weather should be to our east.  That should keep me indoors long enough to do some woodworking.

Prepper News Update

New COVID Variant Shows Virus is not Slowing Down

The Lambda variant of COVID-19 is now in 31 countries and may be responsible for the world’s worst mortality rate in Peru, where it was first discovered and accounts for 82 percent of all COVID-19 cases.  There is still very little known about this strain and whether is mutations make or more transmissible or more deadly, as some have speculated.  This is just more evidence that the coronavirus will continue to mutate.  It would not surprise me if in eight or ten years it’s just another virus like the flu and people can choose whether or not to get the flu shot and the COVID shot.  The danger is, like the flu, a deadlier mutation may one day occur.

Stockpiling Food

Grocery stores are stockpiling food and paper products.  Shouldn’t you?

Remington says it is producing Ammo 24/7

An article from ZeroHedge reports that Remington is cranking out ammo 24/7 to get those familiar green and yellow boxes back on the shelf.

We’re reported that ammo prices are dropping from their prior peaks, but we don’t know how much further prices will drop and how long they will last as the Biden Administration continues to push gun control.  Once prices stabilize and availability recovers, I plan to buy a few thousand small pistol and small rifle primers and some more powder. 

More on Guns

While we are on the topic, read this informative article by a constitutional attorney on what the 2nd Amendment means and how the government is being hypocritical.