Prepper News Update, July 2


Tropical Storm Elsa Heads Towards U.S.

We’re just one month into Hurricane Season and Tropical Storm Elsa has formed in the Atlantic and is slated to head into the Caribbean, then on to South Florida and possibly continue on up to hit the pan handle or wander into the Gulf. Better keep an eye on this one, folks, as it may develop into a hurricane. This is the earliest storm ever with an “E” name, possibly foretelling a deadly hurricane season with multiple storms.

Drought to Cause Higher Food Prices

Unfortunately, Tropical Storm Elsa won’t have any impact on the drought out west. The Wall Street Journal says, “While high inflation for some goods and services might prove to be transitory, the run-up in prices for food staples such as beef, pork and milk might be extended by the effects of severe drought.” Besides those staples, expect to see higher prices for fruits, vegetables, and almonds, which are grown in California. Global food prices in May were 40 percent higher than last May.

COVID-19 Cases up 10 percent in U.S.

Just days after we reported COVID-19 might bounce back, the CDC says cases are up 10 percent in the past week thanks to the Delta mutation. Keep in mind that a 10 percent increase is fewer than 1,200 cases and could be caused by the increase in summer travel, re-openings, more mass gatherings, etc. Also, the New York Times shows the average is down 10 percent for the past 14 days. Still, like we said before, it is possible that we could see cases build up again. If you have not done so, read our article and prepare yourself for the next wave.

Video of the Day

Here’s a video from Chris at Tools & Targets who illustrates that ammo prices are dropping again. I watch one of these every few weeks just to keep an eye on the market. Ammo availability is way up in his neighborhood, at least.