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Average annual perciptation

It May be Time to Move

If you live in Southern California or in any of the states that draw water from the Colorado River, you might want to move before it is too late.
A frost free water hydrant commonly used on farms and homesteads.

California Orders Thousands of Farmers and Cities to Stop Pumping Water

California regulators ordered thousands of large users of water to stop using water from the Sacramento and San Joquin rivers and watershed.
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It’s More than Just the War Causing Food Shortages

Long-time readers may recall stories we published in 2021 about the drought on the West Coast, which was recently called the worst drought in...

Prepper News Update August 27

Large Food Suppliers Running out of Stock in U.S. Companies like Sysco, which supply the restaurant and institutional food market, are experiencing problems with sourcing...

Prepper News Update August 16

Tyson to Raise Prices on September 5 While most of American is enjoying one last long weekend at the beach or in the backyard with...

Prepper News Update August 7

Volcanoes and Tsunamis Volcanoes remain a hidden threat to the global supply chain, according to this article.  Things seem to be heating up seismically around...
protests and anarchy

Is the Sh*t Hitting the Fan Yet?

Sometimes when the news is bad and it seems like every elected official is violating their oath to uphold the Constitution, you have to wonder how close the poop is to the impeller.
A dry lake bed

How to Prepare for Drought and Changing Weather Patterns

The Western U.S. is experiencing a record-setting drought. How can you survive if your water source dries up? What options are there?

Prepper News Update, July 2

Tropical Storm Elsa Heads Towards U.S. We’re just one month into Hurricane Season and Tropical Storm Elsa has formed in the Atlantic and is slated...

Do Water Wars Loom in Our Future as Western Drought Worsens?

We've fought wars over oil. How much worse does the megadrought have to get before blows are exchanged over water?