Prepper News Update August 16


Tyson to Raise Prices on September 5

While most of American is enjoying one last long weekend at the beach or in the backyard with the grill, Tyson will raise its prices on chicken and everything else it makes. According to their CEO, their costs are rising faster than they can raise prices.

Inflation Continues

While you have probably heard the topline number of 5.4 percent inflation reported by the government continued in July, you may not have seen the details. Car prices, a large contributor to the CPI, stabilized but increases in other good kept the CPI steady at 5.4 percent for the second consecutive month. The cost of dining out grew 0.8 percent between June and July, while grocery store prices grew 0.7 percent. IN addition to inflation, wage growth after inflation has declined for seven months in a row, meaning that pay increase have not kept up with rising costs.

U.S. Declares Water Shortage on Colorado River

Farmers in Arizona will join those in California in getting less water, thanks to the U.S. declaring a water shortage on the Colorado River for the first time. This will also curtail water allotments to Nevada and Mexico. While the emergency means more food shortages are likely across the country, the more immediate issue in the desert Southwest may be cities, town and villages that don’t have enough water for drinking and daily living. Expect to see more restrictions on water use and higher prices.

Vaccine Passports for Inter-State Travel

As the Biden administration supposedly considers requiring proof of vaccination to leave your state, this article reminds us that “Freedom of movement within and between states is constitutionally protected.”