Prepper News Update August 27


Large Food Suppliers Running out of Stock in U.S.

Companies like Sysco, which supply the restaurant and institutional food market, are experiencing problems with sourcing and delivering food due to a tight labor market, food shortages, and high demand. United Natural Foods, a grocery supplier, is having trouble getting food to stores on time. Industry wide, the on-time rate for food deliveries has slipped from 90 percent to 50 percent.

More Global Food Supply Problems Expected

Drought in Brazil, Russia and the United States are combining to make this one of the worst wheat and corn harvests in memory. This is pushing down inventories and raising costs. Third world countries will be hit hardest by shortages while first world countries will see food costs rise.

U.S. COVID Hospitalizations Exceed 100,000

For the first time since January, the peak of the last COVID-19 wave, hospitalizations have exceeded 100,000 people, according to this article. More than 2,000 of them are children, which has not happened before. According to the New York Times, the average number of cases reported per day has exceeded 150,000 with some dates seeing numbers well over 200,000.

COVID Tyranny

Here’s a well-reasoned piece that should be a wake up call, entitled What we can Learn about COVID Tyranny from Australia and Afghanistan by Brandon Smith. In it, he points out that “The difference between free rural areas and the dystopian cities is stark.” He also goes into detail on why the U.S. military is no match for an insurgency by armed U.S. citizens intent on preventing tyranny in the U.S. Frequent readers will know these are both points I have made before. Infrequent readers should take note: Bidens threat to use F15s and nuclear bomb is empty. He’s going to have a hard enough time avoiding the 25th Amendment without attacking his own countrymen.