California Drought may be Ending with a Gurgle

A dry lake bed
A dry lake bed

About a decade ago, we experienced a drought. Then a hurricane came ashore a couple hundred miles away, and the excessive rain filled up the reservoirs and the drought was gone. That same thing might be happening in California.

Like our hurricane, the “atmospheric river” that is pouring rain and snow into California is causing its own problems. Weather forecasters are predicting 8 to 10 inches of rain in some areas, floods, damaging wind gusts, mudslides, and several feet of snow in the mountains. The storm is so wide spread that people who want to bug out have nowhere to go. Most of the state is effected and passes over the mountains may be closed by snow.

This is caused by another “bomb cyclone,” the same type of weather patterns that caused the Christmas Weekend Blizzard that killed more than 50.

Will the rain represent the end of the drought? It’s too soon to tell because much of the rain may wash off rather than sink in. Still, the more rain in the mountains, the more spring runoff will fill rivers and reservoirs. It can’t hurt, and an improvement in the drought is expected.

Published 1/4/2022. View full article.