Prepper News Update July 20


Posts may be sporadic or even absent for the next few days as my daughter and her family is visiting and I’m busy spending time with them.  Consider it my vacation.

Be safe and be prepared.

Here’s a few headlines for you:

India COVID Deaths Off by “An Order of magnitude”

India reported 414, 482 deaths due to COVID-19, but the real figure could be between 3 and 4.7 million, according to a recent study.

Delta now Responsible for 83 Percent of COVID Cases in U.S.

The Delta variation is spreading rapidly in the U.S.  This article from Yahoo Finance also reports that 99.5 percent of deaths-related deaths in the U.S. are now in non-vaccinated individuals. 

I have not endorsed or recommended vaccines, recognizing that people should make their own decisions based on their own beliefs, but I have to admit that the decision not to take the vaccine is looking riskier and riskier.

Some Popular Restaurants Facing Shortages of Food

Not too many weeks back, we warned you that some restaurants were facing shortages of chicken.  Restaurant supply chain problems seem to have spread to Taco Bell and Starbucks which have both warned customers of some food outages.  Taco Bell, for example, is reportedly experiencing issues keeping hot sauce in stock.