Prepper News Update July 23: COVID and Inflation Look Like they are here to Stay


I am still on vacation, but here’s a short prepper news update:

Shutdowns Begin in California as COVID-19 Cases Surge

A few restaurants in Los Angeles have become the first to close as this new wave of COVID-19 sweeps the country.  The difference between this outbreak and earlier waves seems to be thus: Before, public health officials and politicians over reacted to protect people.  This time, they are shrugging their shoulders and saying “We told you to get vaccinated.”  Nonetheless, I expect to see more mask mandates and other restrictions coming down the pipe.

Are we Underestimating how Bad Delta Will Be?

I don’t think WE are underestimating how bad this wave of the Delta variant will be, but plenty of other folks are. 

Life Gets More Expensive as Unilever will Raise Prices

Unilever joined Procter & Gamble, Conagra, Modelez International, and General Mills by announcing it would raise prices due to higher costs of ingredients, packaging and transportation.  We often talk about stocking up on food, and that advice is still good, but consider also stocking up on soap, cleansers, detergents and other household items to get ahead of these future price increases.  Check out our recent report on costs at club stores and consider making a  trip to Sam’s Club to stock up.

Here’s more info from the Wall Street Journal about inflation and companies like Fastenal who are raising prices.