Prepper News Update August 4


Lack of Rain is Killing Farms in the Southwest

As the drought gets worse and the Colorado River has less and less water, farms in Arizona are drying and dying. Making matters worth, the long-range weather forecasts predict wetter conditions this winter in Oregon, Washington and into Idaho and Montana, but not in California, Arizona, Nevada, and the rest of the southwest.

If you are at all hesitant about the need to stockpile food, this drought should convince you.

A Terrible Time to Fly

What started as problems related to storms were worsened by staffing issues and IT problems, leading Spirit Airlines to cancel up to 60 percent of flights earlier this week. American Airlines also canceled hundreds of flight on Sunday and Monday because of bad weather near its Dallas hub.

But that’s not the only problem: Shortages of jet fuel and violent passengers continue to make this a terrible time to fly anywhere. International travel is also limited as countries increase travel restrictions due to COVID-19. You are better off driving.

Vaccine Proof Required to Eat Out in New York City

In France, protesters are marching in the street and battling police to express their outrage against vaccine passports. In New York? Not so much.

The city became the first in the country to require proof of a vaccine to eat in restaurants, work out in the gym, and patronize other businesses. My guess is that Mayor de Blasio expects this action to convince the 44 percent of New Yorkers who are unvaccinated to rush out and get vaccinated. In your dreams. If New Yorkers of today are anything like those I knew in the 1980s, it’s going to piss them off.

It will be interesting to see how long the populace and the courts put up with this. I expect this law to be largely ignored and for fake vaccine paperwork to be readily available.

This is just the start, folks.  Watch the governments at all levels start to limit what the unvaccinated can do and where they can go. Where will it end? And what will they try to force you to do next?