Prepper News Update August 9


More People are Prepping

According to this article, the number of people prepping has been rising. It attributes this to COVID-19, the Great Reset, politics, economics, and fear that people without vaccines will face restrictions on buying food. You know, the same stuff we post about. This is one of the few articles that doesn’t position preppers as people on the fringe of society.

Wildfires Still Rage in the West

More than three weeks after it started, the Dixie wildfire continues to burn up hundreds of thousands of acres of forests, homes and the occasional town.

The U.S. is not the only country plagued by wildfires this year. Russia and Greece are among those fighting large wildfires.

Three Tropical Disturbances Form in Atlantic

After getting off to its fastest start in recorded history, the hurricane season slowed down. Until now. Three possible hurricanes are in the Atlantic, heading East to Central and North America. Expect to hear more in the next week or two if these mature into full hurricanes.

Video of the Day

Today we have a lengthy interview with Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer. Two days ago, I was unfamiliar with Cesar, but after watching a slew of dog-training videos, I found his were among the best and most useful. This interview was the perfect vehicle for the tale of Cesar American Dream and to convey his insightfulness and intelligence. Definitely a remarkable man. I would be shocked if you can watch this video and not come away impressed and having learned something.