Road Repairs Underway Sooner than we Expected


A county crew was working on the dirt road leading up our mountain Thursday, so we went out to thank them and chatted for a while. They said they were just inspecting and doing the bare minimum on all the damaged roads to ensure they are passable. They will come back in a few weeks to do full repairs and re-grade it.

The lower portions of our road were deeply rutted from rushing water. My guess is that there were a couple hours in the midst of the storm where the road looked like a small river.

Apparently, even after 24 hours, some roads are still so flooded they cannot inspect them yet. Having a river view is nice, but there’s a downside of being on a river. We’re happy just with our creeks.

The downed trees have been cleared and we saw a couple power company trucks staged nearby. We hope to be back online with full posts tomorrow.