The Post Office Gets Slower; No One Cares


There’s been a subdued hue and cry in the media about plans that went into effect on Friday to slow the delivery of first class mail by a day or two. (Instead of first class mail going coast-to-coast in three days, it will now take up to five five. Local mail should still take two days.) The media says this will hurt that the elderly and the poor.

How? By getting a check two days later than they used to? Does anyone still get a check in the mail? We are 100 percent electronic payments and direct deposit.

I saw a quote about delaying “Important documents like passports.” Really? You need a new passport what, once a decade? And the wait is six weeks or more? No one is complaining about that, but the two or three days for delivery? Terrible!

I’d trade a day or two for better accuracy. I get other people’s mail almost every week. Packages get lost. Tracking says something is delivered, but it was delivered somewhere else.

Do people still send letters? My wife still sends greeting cards, but I can’t remember the last time I wrote a letter, folded it into an envelope, stuck a stamp on it and mailed it off.