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Russian military rocket launcher and trucks destroyed in Ukraine

Putin is Losing the Propaganda War as the Ground War Bogs...

It's getting harder and harder for Russia to pretend its winning in Ukraine. They have succeeded in turning the rest of the world against them.
An empty rice display at Sam's CLub

Are Preppers Buying up all the Rice at Sam’s Club?

There is an apaprent shortage of some prepper staple products at Sam's Club. Only one kind of rice and one kind of pasta were in stock.
An outhouse

Planning for Life After the SHTF – Part 2

Prepeprs focus on food, water and shelter, but do you have your sewage needs covered? Do you know where your firewood will come from post-SHTF?
An explosion in Ukraine during Russian attack.

Prepper Lessons from The Ukraine Invasion

Ukraine did many things wrong during the run up to the Russian invasion. Preppers can learn lessons from their mistakes, which apply to any disaster.
An explosion in Ukraine during Russian attack.

Russia Launches Attack, Demands Ukrainian Troops Surrender

As I write this late on Wednesday night, Twitter I showing videos of explosions in Ukraine, and the news media is reporting on convoys...
Hunter with shotgun

Planning for Life After the SHTF – Part 1

It's good to stockpile and prep, but it is also imporant to plan and think things out. When the SHTF, the time for toughtful decisions has passed.
Canned goods from my recent Walmart trip

Putin’s Head Fake Fools no one, but we Keep Prepping

As I write this, Russian troops are moving into the Donbas region of Ukraine. This could be the start of something big.
diamond plate pattern

I went Shopping this Weekend and Bought a Box

For preppers, getting your vehicle outfitted can be as important as geting your house set up. A diamond plate truck tool box helps Pete secure his preps.
Customer using an ATM

Canada and Ukraine are Both Fighting for Freedom in Different Ways

Tyrany is threatened by freedom, so it should be no surprise tyranical leaders in Canada and Russia are turning to violence to quell the move towards freedom.
S&G Combination Lock

Is Your Gun Safe EMP Proof?

If the U.S. were to get hit by an EMP, would the optics and electronics in your gun safe survive? Will your electronic lock work? We answer these questions and more.