Is the Left Trying to Cause a Collapse?

a political rally
a political rally

Every time I read a headline about something stupid the left is doing, it makes me want to stockpile more food, find someone selling silver, buy more bullets, and double check our medical supplies. These extremist idiots that ended up in charge of the government are clearly incapable of governing and unable to empathize with the average citizen and their wants and needs. They are deeply under the sway of elites like George Soros and Bill Gates, are all-in with the World Economic Forum (WEF), and appear to be against freedom, liberty and what used to be known as “The American Way.”

Despite having the smallest majority in history, the socialists in charge of the Democratic Party are using one excuse after another to seize more power, declare more emergencies, do more by executive fiat, and move us towards a system where those who disagree with government mandates are censored and imprisoned “for their own good.” The progressives want a country where those who do not go with the program are arrested and locked down, where people who insist on their God-given constitutional rights are considered domestic terrorists, and where anyone who stands up to authority must be deplatformed, canceled, and locked away.

Look around and tell me I am wrong.

In the process, they are pushing us towards war in the Ukraine, creating hyperinflation here at home, setting the stage for a future of power outages and food shortages, and teeing up a financial collapse in which the dollar is worthless. Why? Because they have to destroy what we have to rebuild what they want. This is how they are pushing us toward a “great reset.”

They are Destroying the Country

When Donald Trump said “Make America Great Again,” he meant it. When Biden says “Build Back Better,” what he really means is start from scratch. He and his puppeteers want to get rid of all the pesky individual rights and state rights granted by the constitution. Those rights and the courts insistent on upholding them are preventing the leftists from running the country their way.

They want to cause our country to collapse, to destroy it, piece by piece. Instead of a future where hard work can improve your lot in life, they want you to have a future where you have no hope, no chance to get ahead, and no possibility for success. Socialists feel that when you succeed, someone else must fail, and that isn’t fair. They ignore the truth that a rising tide can lift all boats, that everyone can have a better life. They don’t recognize how far we have come, and that progress is made one step at a time.

Killing the American Dream

Not that long ago, the American Dream was real. Before burdensome taxes, over regulations, forced health insurance coverage, mandated family medical leave, and other onerous requirements implemented to make things “fair,” we built America on the back of hard work and small, independent businesses. People got out of school, got jobs in a trade or a profession, or joined the family business. They worked hard, made money, got married, bought a starter home, raised a family, and could expect their kids to do better than they did. They eventually retired, collected a pension and Social Security and probably left a little something to their family when they died. Sadly, those days are fading.

Now all we can expect is for our kids to have bigger college loan debts than we did, to live at home longer than any prior generation, to struggle to find meaningful work, to use far more recreational drugs, to get less exercise, and spend more 27 times more time looking at a screen than talking face-to-face to another human being.

It’s Intentional

I am left trying to decide if Joe Biden and his handlers are idiots, or if this is intentional, a planned takedown of the country, a willful ceding our leadership position to the Chinese. I think the answer is “Yes.” Joe Biden was a buffoon for 50 years, but now he has withered into a damp sock puppet (to use Elon Musk’s term), controlled by a cadre of progressive who are themselves idiots and have no understanding of the backbone that lies under the fatback of this country. They are trying to tear us down while building their personal wealth and power. The idea of American Exceptionalism offends them, so they chip away at its foundations, trying to undermine the country and knock us off our high horse so that the communists can rule the world.

They Don’t Care

They don’t care how many people suffer, how many families can’t afford a home, or how many children starve in the coming food shortage. The progressives won’t care if you cannot afford to fill your tank or heat your house, as long as they can stop climate change. They don’t care who comes over the border because many immigrants are already used to corrupt governments and socialism. They’ll fit right in.

The progressive don’t care if blood runs in the street, as long as the street in front of their house is protected by a wall. All that matters to them is that America is weakened, broken, and the people are left powerless and dependent so that it can be reformed in their image.

What they don’t understand is that an implosion carries as much force as an explosion, but it is directed inward. You cannot collapse this country from within without being taken down with it. The survivors will not be in Washington but in small farming towns and blue collar areas in flyover country, where hard work and honesty remain part of the ethos. This country may fall apart, it may collapse, but it will be rebuilt not by socialists but by the same type of people who built it the first time: citizen statesmen who believe in honor and trust and recognize that the people must control the government, not vice versa.

Our Job

Our job as preppers is not only to survive the collapse and the implosion, but to be there for the rebuilding. We must remember what went wrong and why, so we can correct it the next time around.

We’ve had a good run, just shy of 250 years, but the time to refresh Jefferson’s tree of liberty appears to be approaching. Keep prepping. Your life and our country may depend on it.


    • It’s crazy down here in the South, even without truckers protesting in our streets. Illegals keep crossing the border and Joe just lets them in. Crime keeps rising, mostly because of the Democratic mayors and their Soros-appointed prosecutors.

      It has to be intentional; I can’t imaging a political party screwing things up this badly this on purpose. I think it means they know they can steal the next election, too.

      • 100% ! I am in AZ and we are being taken over. I can’t get a dr appointment for weeks, and when I get there, it’s JAMMED with Spanish speakers who most definitely are NOT paying a dime.

        Biden has made it possible for them to bring family once they arrive. That’s why you see all the Mexican license plates. Car accidents every day and they don’t have adequate insurance. And they are NEVER subjected to tickets or detention.

        We are being flooded on Third world filth, and it’s not safe. It’s very deadly compared to dealing with assimilated Americans.

        Our politicians have kicked the can for so long, Only HARD decisions remain. The only way to save this country is to have a leader who cleans up this mess, and sends them all home. I don’t think Americans are ready for that conversation yet, they need it to ruin their lives too. They have no sympathy for us down here. These people have as much sympathy for us as they did the American landscaper 25 years ago…. (They had none and hired the replacements)

        We know how this ends. Americans are cucked and ungrateful. Too many people are patriotic only when it’s dire, they are phonies. Like people who pray a LOT when they have food poisoning.

        Cucked nation. I blame the fatherlessness mostly

  1. It’s intentional 100%!

    We are being replaced and taken down .

    We should’ve taught our kids to be patriotic, but instead, most boomers were ungrateful and unpatriotic until the last couple years which is why we are in this spot. You can’t ONLY pray when you are sick, and you can’t pretend to love the country only when it’s falling.

    No morals, no culture, = no country. We lost love of country, and we actually thought that we were successful IN SPITE of the USA and NOT because of it.

    We deserve this!!!! All of it!!!!

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