Gangs Send out Crews to Follow and Rob Wealthy

prepper news update
prepper news update

The Los Angeles Police department has admitted that the city’s gangs have sent out multiple crews to “find, follow and rob people driving high-end vehicles or wearing expensive jewelry,” according to this article in the LA Times. There have been 56 such robberies reported this year, on pace to exceed last year.

We warned of these follow-home robbers in 2021. As the food crisis grows worse this fall, don’t be surprised if people start targeting grocery store shoppers will loaded carts.

Published 4/12/2022. Read the full article.


  1. I’m in a nice suburb of Phoenix az, and crime is absolutely spiking. On the “next door” app there are new reports of crime daily. They are organized, they know their jobs and they are in and out. These are NOT going away, but instead, they will get much much worse

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