Have we Reached the Point of No Return?

collapsed buildings
Is an economic collapse in our future? Have we reached the point of no return?

Has the United States become unsustainable? Is there anything that can stop our downhill slide?

Our currency is failing, losing value faster than at any time in the past 40 years. Our debt is growing in leaps and bounds. The dollar’s position as the world’s reserve currency appears to be slipping. As the Fed raises interest rates, we risk being unable to afford new debt when we pay off the old low-interest debt. That could lead to the U.S. defaulting on its debts, which would destroy the dollar.

The current administration seems hell-bent on green energy, reduced emissions, and fighting global warming, not recognizing that this has become a lost cause. The earth is a global system. To lower emissions will take cooperation from all the large countries of the world. The Russian invasion of Ukraine destroyed any chance of global cooperation. It also drove home how vulnerable Europe’s increased reliance on green energy has made it. Oil is suddenly in short supply, countries are considering reopening coal power plants, and the cost of minerals needed to produce solar panels and lithium batteries are climbing.

It’s a Global Problem

If the United States is ailing, other countries are worse. Much of the world is going to go hungry this fall. Much of Europe is going to be cold this winter. Aa third of China is locked down and hungry.

Russia is led by a man who may be seriously ill or dying. The United States is led by a man who may be feeble-minded. China is led by a man who may take desperate actions to build his legacy. None of this bodes well for our collective futures.

Totalitarian governments are growing stronger while too many democracies are becoming increasingly totalitarian. Instead of arresting criminals, governments are letting them run free to commit more crimes while confiscating the bank accounts and property of people with whom they do not agree. The thought police don’t have to throw you in jail because they can make you an un-person with the click of a mouse button. Social approval scores are not just for China anymore.

The third world is moving closer to a social implosion.  Their populace will revolt when the price of bread, cooking oil, and energy get too high. This will result in regime change, civil war, and create more refugees. Refugees will cause further problems around the globe.

Closer to Home

Gas prices are at record highs and food prices are climbing. Rental rates for homes and apartments have exploded. Real estate is still expensive, even as mortgage rates climb, making it more difficult to afford a new home. Private equity companies are snapping p rental properties, driving up the price of single-family homes and forcing out mom and pop landlords. The rail systems are having problems delivering grain and fertilizer on time, and Walmart has offered truck drivers $100,000 a year salaries.

Crime is increasing, especially in urban areas. The southern border is being overwhelmed with illegal immigrants, and the Feds are planning to open the gates wider.

Social media is sucking the soul out of our children, leaving them unsure of who they are, what gender they are, who their friends are, and what they want out of life. While homeschooling is increasing, there’s not yet enough of it to stop the coming collapse.

The woke are desperately trying to gain traction and throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want. The cancel culture is not only here, it is turning on its progenitors. If you aren’t yet labeled racist, sexist, or ageist, you are probably some other “ist” or “ism” who just hasn’t yet received your fifteen minutes of infamy.

Hold the Center

What can we do about the global situation and a possible economic collapse? Plan and prepare physically and mentally for the bad times. Hold on to what you believe and what you stand for. Raise your kids the way you want to raise them, not the way the school board does. Figure out what is important to you, and work to preserve that.

As preppers, we have to adapt as the world changes. That takes flexibility, but it doesn’t mean what we believe in and what we stand for has to change. Our behavior in public may appear to change. Where and how we live may have to change, but who we are at our core doesn’t have to change. Stick to your guns, my friends. Hold tight to your priorities.

I’m going to continue to prep, to top off my food pantry and other supplies, to buy extra chicken feed, to raise a few extra chicks, to add a few more bee hives, to plant a few more things in the garden, to stack more firewood, and to stay in touch with my prepper buddies. When I am in town, I will stay aware and well-armed. When I am at home, I will stay abreast of the news and what is happening in the greater world. I will look out for my friends and neighbors and help those that I can.

I’m also going to carefully consider how I vote in the upcoming elections. The way I figure it, a republican sweep is the best ways to slow the country’s slide. At this point, I’m not sure anything can stop it.