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Map of Australia

Greetings from Down Under

A prepper from down under gives us an introduction to his life as a prepper in Australia.

Romania Issues Potassium Iodide Pills To Citizens

The Romanian government is issuing potassium iodide pills to citizens up to age 40. Pill of this nature are intended for use after a...
A man surrounded by destroyed buildings.

Important Objectives for Preppers

We break survival objectives down into five steps to get us through the event, the aftermath and to the recovery.
Two bags of fresh groceries

Germans to See Food Costs Soar up to 50 Percent

Food prices are shooting upwards in German grocery stores. How long before it reaches the rest of Europe and the U.S.?
Man with gas mask and gun in a wasteland

Are you Ready for Anything?

Disasters are not neat and tidy and don't arrive on schedule. While we can plan for one thing, we need to be ready for anything and everything.

Egg Prices Jump as Bird Flu Hits Poultry Flocks

More than 17 million chickens have died or been euthanized due to the growing outbreak of Bird Flu across the Midwest and Eastern states,...
Wheat Kernels

Squeezing a Few More Items into my Prepper Pantry

Worried about the threat of nuclear war, food shortages, inflation and an expanding war, I find it hard not to add to my food preps.

Norwegians Told to get Cold War Bunkers Ready Amid Fears of...

There's some debate about whether this warning is due to Russians causing problems at Ukrainian nuclear plants and the Chernobyl site or due to...
Nothing heats like wood!

How to Beat High Heat Costs and Fuel Shortages

Thanks to Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin, it's going to be even more expensive to heat your house next year. Act now to keep your costs down.