UK Energy Execs Predict “Fuel Poverty” Will Crush Households

Electric meter
Electric costs are rising while power reliability is decreasing.

Energy execs in the UK, where electricity prices have surged due to the rising cost of natural gas, which tripled in the past year, say a huge number of customers are unable to pay their electric bill and are going into debt. The CEO of Scottish Power Ltd said, “Come October, that’s going to get horrific, truly horrific.”

Fuel poverty. That’s a new term for me, but I can see how it would happen. We are not yet facing that bad a situation in the U.S., but it’s worth considering. It also makes we wonder how electric prices are behaving in France, Germany, Portugal, and the rest of Europe. What would you do if your electric bill was three or four times what you paid last year?

Published 4/20/2022. Read the full article.


  1. I pray I survive the summer here I AZ. I can’t handle the heat very well. Electricity will be painful this year here. I’m hearing that we should expect significantly higher rates this summer. Nothing like Europe, but it doesn’t need to be that bad. When we have such a large population living month-month we don’t need increases of 100s of percents. Most cannot afford the food they’d like to feed their family, nor can they afford the electricity and power to make their lives completely comfortable.

    The 3 biggest expenses are housing, food, and power (gas and utilities). When people cannot makes end meet, they will once again be told to forgoe paying their rent, and The corporate takeover of private property will be completed.

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