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Splitting firewood

Taking Advantage of the Sunshine

They say you gotta make hay when the sun shines. Around here, we make firewood, practice beekeeping, and do other outdoor chores.
Pete's concealed carry guns.

The Truth About Constant Concealed Carry

If you’ve gone to the trouble and expense of getting a CCW permit, why leave your gun at home? It won’t do you any good there. Practice constant carry.
The odd egg was laid by a different breed of hen.

Concerns Over Egg Shortages Grow

Although we have not heard as much about bird flu over the past week or two, egg shortages persist and prices are rising.
There was plenty of flour at our Sam'e Club in late May of 2022.

Is my Food Stockpile Complete Yet?

We looked for signs of the food shortage at Sam's Club but found only signs of intermittent supply chain disruptions.
Prepper News Update

You Probably Won’t See this Story in the Mainstream Media

A legally armed citizens saves multiple lives after a gunman opens fire on a high school graduation party.
A body lies on the ground, apparently dead.

You MUST be able to Defend Yourself

Whether in a mass shooting on an isolated event, you have to be prepared to defend yourself and your family. Guns remain the best way to do so.
Wild blackberries blooming

Homesteading Activities Kick into High Gear

As our last frost date is behind us and temperatures rise, we "spring" into full speed, as do our bees and the plants in our garden beds.
An island in a darken sea.

How to Become the Island of Stability in a Sea of...

Us against them, emotional thinking, and the inability of many to live and let live is contributing to the decay of society. Here's how to survive.
COVID-19 mask wearers on lockdown.

New COVID Wave Builds Plus There’s Monkey Pox

As a new wave of COVID-19 rolls through the U.S. and is expected to worsen. a few cases of Monkey Pox raise fears or another pandemic.
prepper news update

Recession Warning: Sales of New Homes Plunge in April

Rising interest rates are cutting into the rate of new home sales, which dropped 16.6 percent since last month, a sign we are in a recession.