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An oil pump at sunset. Photo by Zbynek Burival on Unsplash.

Gas Prices Test American Appetite for New Cold War

By focusing on reducing oil use instead of boosting supply, Biden is hurting Americans and giving Russia a powerful tool to win its war in Ukraine.
A frog in a pot on a stove

Is the Water Warm Enough, Mr. Frog?

Are you the frog? We all need to stop and think about the water temperature. It may be time to hop out of your seemingly comfortable life while you still can.
Plate carrier

Gearing Up for our Grim Future

It's time to step up your game. Don't just practice on a square range, train in a more realistic environment. Push outside your comfort zone.
Wake up, America!

The Death Spiral Will Be Long And Ugly

Combine our economic outlook with a food shortage that could last years, an energy crisis that shows no end, and the possibility of World War III, and the future looks pretty grim.
Prepper News Update

NATO Places 300,000 on High Alert

NATO boosts number of troops in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia while increasing number of troops ready for a rapid response to war with Russia.
Stimulus will put money in our pockets.

“We’ll All Be Lucky To Have A Job With Two More...

Dallas Fed Manufacturing Survey plunges more than 10 points, surprising economists as respondents predict doom for the economy.
Chickens pecking at some scratch in their chicken run.

Raising Chickens in Just 10 Minutes per Day

How-to information for newbies plus tips and techniques to make raising chickens and getting fresh eggs quick and easy.
a woodland retreat in the winter

It’s Summer; Time to Prepare a Winter Without Gas

Whether you live in an urban apartment building or a cabin in the wilderness, this is the time to prep to survive a winter with power outages and expensive heat
A ranch

Four Groups that will Survive the Coming Collapse

After the end of the world as we know it, I expect the survivors will come from four groups. Are you in one of them?
prepper news update

Food Crisis to last Three Years

A U.S. official predicts the current food crisis will be a "multiyear" problem.