Don’t Let The Man Keep you Down

The capitol in Washington
Who cares who is elected Speaker of the House? Nothing will change.

I’ve decided to do everything I can to fight the plans of the Global Elite and our ruling party. When done by a few, these are just gestures, but if enough of us do them, we may delay or impede their plans to strip us of our property, make us dependent upon them, and destroy American. If that doesn’t work, at least you can keep a scrap of independence while they tear the country down around you.

Produce Greenhouse Gasses

So much of what both our government and the world’s elite are trying to do centers on climate change. It is the bludgeon they use to pummel us and force change. My suggestion is to ignore all this sound and fury, signifying nothing, and produce as much greenhouse gas as you want.

For example, I burn wood for heat, which not only produces smoke and particulate matter, but produces carbon dioxide, which is considered a greenhouse gas. If you get right down to it, burning wood simply releases the carbon dioxide absorbed by the tree during the process of photosynthesis and converted to wood. If the tree you burned fell down and rotted, the same amount of carbon would be released, just over a period of years instead of all at once. But the greenies are not ones to let evidence or facts get in the way of their opinions. Burning coal would be “worse,” but burning wood still pisses off the climate warriors who fly to Davos every year in their private jets and look for ways to undermine our rights and weaken our electric generation and distribution system.

I also drive a gas-powered truck, and being a truck, it doesn’t get great gas mileage. I’m sure they would be angrier if I drove an old diesel that didn’t use DEF fluid, but it’s too late now. If I ever need a used truck, I’m going to look for an old diesel without pollution controls. That will show them!

I just wish I owned a cow so I could contribute to the cow farts they complain about.

Own Guns

This one really pisses off the socialists and other leftists who want to force their policies on us “for our own good” because they know we’ll only take so much before there’s a revolution that makes the one in 1776 look like schoolyard fight.

I own guns, including the dreaded AR15. Making matter worse (from their perspective), I carry a gun daily. I also live in a Second Amendment Sanctuary county, which means local law enforcement can’t help the Feds if they show up to confiscate privately owned weapons.

When asked if he would confiscate guns from citizens if directed to do so by the Feds, our local sheriff said something along these lines: “If I’m going to die on the job, it sure as hell won’t be doing that.” Out here in the Appalachians, we won’t give up our guns. No, we’ll “cling to our guns and our religion.” Just ask Obama.

Use your guns responsibly and don’t give them more fodder to show how gun owners are endangering the non-gun owners.

Don’t Watch TV

Network TV and many cable channels are a funnel dumping woke government and corporate ideas into your household. Get rid of it! Watch individual content producers on YouTube.

I watch a dozen NFL game during the season, but I don’t watch any other network TV show or news broadcast. I don’t watch CNN, MSNBC, or CNBC either. This makes it harder to brainwash me.

Sure, I may not know the names of celebrities or “real housewives” of wherever, but so what?

Stay off Social Media

I am on Twitter, but I don’t keep it on my phone and I usually check it only twice a week. There have been months when I ignore it.

This makes it harder to track me, monitor my thoughts, determine who is in my network of friends, and there’s no algorithm predicting what I’ll do next. In other words, staying off social media enhances my privacy. It reportedly also makes me happier. Try it. At the very least, you’ll have more time on your hands to do something productive or to read a book.

Fight Financial Controls

When the government control your money, they control you. When they can devalue your money through inflation or confiscate it through taxation, they can make your life’s savings worthless. Electronic payment systems can also be used to monitor and track your spending while building a profile of you. While it is difficult to avoid these systems, you can wall them off so they don’t have access to all your assets.

Here are some things you can do to protect yourself:

  • Use cash instead of a debit or credit card
  • Work off the books for cash as often as possible
  • If you sell things you make or work a side gig, don’t accept electronic payments–cash only!
  • Practice barter
  • Move to a state with low or no income tax
  • Stop using a bank and use a credit union instead
  • Use anonymous credit cards, but buy them with cash
  • Buy precious metals
  • Buy cryptocurrency (After it hits bottom, of course. It’s crashing now.)
  • Have an estate plan. If you have more than $250,000 in assets in addition to your house, have a trust.

Don’t Send your Kids to Public School

The reasons you should avoid public schools should be obvious. Society’s long slow slide started when liberals took over our schools and started replacing history and social studies with lies and propaganda.

Yes, private schools can be expensive, but look into Christian, Catholic or other religious schools. Better yet, consider home schooling.

Teach your kids to reason and problems solve, give them basic arithmetic skills, and make them read the classics. They will then be better off than 85 percent of the kids in public schools. Don’t give them access to social media and limit their screen time and that number will go up.

Exercise Your Rights and Freedoms

As an American citizen, the Constitution guarantees you certain inalienable rights that are conferred upon you by God. If you fail to exercise these rights, they may grow stale or decay through disuse. Here are a few things you can do to exercise your rights:

  • Be forthright and frank. Do not suffer fools gladly. Call a spade a spade.
  • Whether you practice your religion or practice no religion, respect the right of others to practice theirs.
  • Own guns, carry a gun, and shoot guns regularly.
  • Tell the police no. If you are not a victim or didn’t call the police to report a crime, don’t talk to them. When they ask if they can look in your trunk, search your car, come into your house, or ask you a few questions, just say no. If you prefer to be more polite, tell them this isn’t a good time because you have an appointment you need to get to. Should the police detain you, ask if you are under arrest. If they say no, then ask if you are free to go. Should they say you are free to go, then leave and drive carefully. If they say no, then ask again if you are under arrest. Tell them your attorney will be interested in hearing their reasonable articulable suspicion for detaining you against your will, which is a “seizure” of your person and therefore a violation of your 4th Amendment rights. If they are on a fishing trip, that may be enough to get them to release you in frustration.
  • If arrested, insist on a jury trial. When selected for jury duty, serve on a jury. You may do some good.

Keep Prepping

Finally, keep prepping. Build your self-sufficiency and independence. The longer you can operate independently without outside input, the better.

Governments thrive on making you dependent upon them. They want you to need them. That’s their lure. Don’t bite. Stay free and independent as long as possible.

The hippies got at least one thing right: Don’t let The Man keep you down.