Are we Heading Towards a Man-Made Collapse?

A protester starts a fire
Protests and fires might be common across Europe this winter.

In April 2021, Sri Lanka banned the importation of chemical fertilizers, intending to be the first country in the world to go 100 percent organic.

This decimated the country’s rice and tea production, forcing the country to import foods it once produced. Crop production fell by 40 to 50 percent. Results were so bad, many farmers have given up and stopped planting.

A year later, Sri Lanka is in the middle of a huge food crisis. Food prices climbed 80 percent in June. Inflation that same month was 54.6 percent. There is no fuel available because the government spent its foreign currency to buy food. As a result, transportation costs are up 128 percent since May.

On Saturday, Sri Lanka’s government collapsed under the weight of protests. Protestors stormed the president’s house and took over it and several other locations. They torched the prime minister’s house. Both the president and prime minister have agreed to resign.

Oil and Fertilizer

There are some clear parallels between the Sri Lankan leader’s decision to ban fertilizer and the Biden’s war on oil. Both have resulted in insufficient supplies, rising prices, and the need to import oil (in the U.S.) and food (in Sri Lanka). Politics motivated both actions, without thought of the unintended consequences.

One difference is that Sri Lanka revered its ban once the problem became clear. Biden has doubled down. Another difference is that Americans have not stormed Joe’s house in Delaware or torched his beach house.

Legislation vs Executive Actions

People complain about how nothing gets done in Congress and many blame the Senate, where Joe Manchin and one or two other Senators have stopped the passage of additional leftist bills. They blame the filibuster, which makes the Senate a deliberative body, and demand its removal. In reality, it’s the Senate and the filibuster that have kept us from becoming Sri Lanka. Many of the components in the Green New Deal and other platforms in the platform endorsed by Bernie Sanders and the Squad are so stupid anyone with half a brain can tell they would fail, bringing the country to its knees.

In Germany and other parts of Europe, leaders can see the writing on the wall and are increasing the use of coal to produce electricity and allowing nuclear plants to run longer before retirement. On this side of the Atlantic, Biden either doesn’t see the writing on the wall or is too addled to figure it out.

End of Quote. Repeat the Line. (For any of you who don’t get this, click here.)

Is it on Purpose?

I read speculation online that the lack of oil, the food shortages, the planned oil shortage, even the war I Ukraine are all part of a nefarious plot to create the Great Reset. I’m not sure I believe that.

Then I hear things like the government in the Netherlands it taking farmer’s (all Dutch citizens) land to house refugees (none of whom are Dutch citizens). They also want to reduce the amount of fertilizer farmers  can use and the number of livestock they can raise to meet strict greenhouse gas limits.  That makes me go “Hmm. Seems like a trend here.” Maye it is being done on purpose.

Now you know why Dutch farmers have been protesting. To combat green socialism.

The Netherlands is the largest exporter of food in Europe. Imagine the suffering if they use less fertilizer. When the rest of Europe goes hungry and protesters storm their Prime Minister’s house and set it on fire, it will be too late to produce more food.

This is what happens when politician put policy goals ahead of what is best for their citizens. We have a giant case of peer pressure where members of the EU don’t want to be embarrassed for missing their “climate goals,” so they enforce policies that will lead to starvation. Before that, they will like lead to protests and I doubt Sri Lanka will be the only country with a government that is “voted out” with pitchforks and torches.

I expect trouble will start this winter when gas rationing in Germany and other countries results in chilly apartments, no hot water, and job losses due to plant closures. Recession will be the least of their worries.

Are we Heading Towards  a Man-Made Collapse?