Civil War May be Breaking Out In Baghdad

Prepper News Update
Prepper News Update

This link is to an article with frequent updates that appears on Zero Hedge. Be sure to check out some of the tweets and video footage.

To summarize, fighting between two factions appears to have broken out in Baghdad following large riots and battles with the police. In an echo of the recent Sri Lanka protests, protesters stormed a presidential palace left over from the Saddam Hussien regime and took over the pool. Much of the fighting has been in the so-called “green zone,” which is supposed to be s safe area. workers at the American Embassy have been evacuated. During the night, the American Embassy reported fired its C-RAM air defense missiles to intercept rocket attacks on the Green Zone.

We’ll have to wait for additional coverage to see if any Americans were injured. Meanwhile, it remains to be seen if President Biden will pull out of Iraq like he did Afghanistan.

Published 8/29/2022. Read full article.