Collapse Won’t Just Reset Society, It Will Destroy It

A city destroyed in war
A city destroyed in war

The premise of this well-reasoned and extensively researched article about the potential collapse of our civilization is:

“The collapse of techno-industrial civilization is likely to occur on the present business-as-usual mode of social functioning, probably by 2030, but there are scenarios where it could be before Christmas 2022.”

It defines collapse, discusses past crises, examines possible future collapses, looks at “schools of thought in collapseology,” and the possibility of nuclear war. For those who don’t make to the end, their conclusion is “Modern techno-industrial civilization is fragile and not immune to collapse, and many collapsologists believe that the process is now underway.”

Set aside some time to read this in-depth post.

Published 8/5/2022. Read the full article.