Defunding the Police Backfires on Minneapolis

Protesters with a sign "Defund the police." Photo by Andrew Robinson on Unsplash
Anyone who wants to defund the police has probably not spent much time in third world countries where the Rule of Law is tenuous at best. Photo by Andrew Robinson on Unsplash.

After George Floyd’s killing in Minneapolis set off the “Defund the Police” movement, the Minneapolis Police Department dropped from 900 to 560 officers. Violent crime soared and murders nearly doubled. Citizens feel ‘neglected by police and fearful for their safety” while drug dealers operate freely in the streets. According to an article on

“On per-capita murders, it has ranked fairly high — 19th out of 70 jurisdictions in the US — during the first half of this year, according to the Major Cities Chiefs Association. The city ranked even higher on other per-capita crime measures, such as robbery (4th), rape (8th) and aggravated assault (13th).”

If only other liberal cities would learn their lesson, bring back law and order, fully support the police, and get rid of liberal District attorneys and no-bail policies. If you take away the rule of law, you shouldn’t be surprised if all you have left is lawlessness.

Published 9/25/2022. Read full article.