‘Best Before’ Labels scrutinized – Preppers were Right All Along

Prepper pantry
Canned meats are a big part of Pete’s prepping pantry.

As food shortages grow, grocery stores and food producers are reconsidering “best before” labels which may induce consumers to throw out perfectly good food.

“Most people believe that if it says ‘sell by,’ ‘best by’ or ‘expiration,’ you can’t eat any of them. That’s not actually accurate,” said Richard Lipsit, who owns a Grocery Outlet store in Pleasanton, California, that specializes in discounted food.

Lipsit said milk can be safely consumed up to a week after its “use by” date. Gunders said canned goods and many other packaged foods can be safely eaten for years after their “best before” date. The FDA suggests consumers look for changes in color, consistency or texture to determine if foods are all right to eat.

I look at this as proof preppers have been right all along. On shelf stable and canned foods, those labels mean little or nothing.

Published 10/5/2022. Read full article.