Blizzard Kills Dozens, Causes Looting in Buffalo

Niagara falls in the winter.
Niagara falls in the winter. Image by Ray Miller from Pixabay.

Buffalo, a city familiar with heavy snow, was hit with more than four feet of snow over the course of the Christmas Weekend Blizzard. It was also hit by looting and at least 27 deaths. Fourteen of the dead were “found outside,” so we assume they froze to death without knowing the circumstances. Others were found in the cars, probably trapped by the heavy snow and unprepared for the low temperatures.

Looting is a new twist for snowstorms, but there was little or no “Christmas Spirit” among those who looted convenience stores, dollar stores and other retailers. Another article said “Families in western New York were scrambling to find food, medicine and other essentials Monday after a historic blizzard blocked roads and cut off electricity, forcing many major supermarkets and pharmacies to close.” The 26th is a holiday in many which stores are closed, regardless of the weather. Is this a gross exaggeration by the reporter or are these folks just so unprepared that they have no food or medicine the day after Christmas?

About the only thing worse than living in Buffalo this weekend was flying on Southwest, which canceled approximately 70 percent of its flights on Monday.

Published 12/26/2022. Read full article and view photos.