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A bee smoker

A Tough Year so far for Bees and Honey

The honey season is off to a slow start thanks to a cool and wet spring, but things are beginning to look up on the homestead.
UPS truck on the highway

Looming UPS Strike Could Shut Down 6% of Commerce

A looming UPS strike could halt delivery of 24 million packages per day, disrupting the supply chain for consumers and businesses.
A building in Ukraine destroyed in the war with Russia.

They want you to Ignore the War—Prepare Instead

While the mass media distracts you, the threat of war grows ever closer. Are you prepared for shortages, rationing, martial law and worse?
The price of beef is expected to head back up.

Beef Prices Predicted to Rise—Stock up Now

Beef prices are expected to increase because of drought and the high cost and low profitability or raising beef.
People on a crowded city sidewalk at night

Do you have to be Independent to be a Prepper?

If you love the city, I think your odds of survival are lower than people who live outside the city, but I wish you luck.
the aftermath of a police shooting.

Important Lessons from Police Badge Cam Videos

What can you learn from watching police badge cam videos of shootouts? Plenty! Pete breaks it down with examples.
W.D. Cooper's Boston Tea Party engraving

Why Vigilantes are a Good Thing

Self-defense, self-determination, and resistance to tyranny have long been part of the American tradition.
The Fifth circuit Court of Appeals just granted an injunction in the pistol brace rule, but only for some people.

Big Last Minute Wins in the Pistol Brace Lawsuits

It's been a bad week in court for government agencies and a good week for those of us opposed to the ATF's pistol brace rule.
Did you spot the ammo can?

Making the Most of May Weather on the Homestead

Despite rain and sudden cold snaps, May weather is some of the best we will see on the homestead for working outside.
My latest project, an AR-15 style pistol

One Week Left for Pistol Brace Deadline

The grace period for compliance with the ATF's pistol brace rule goes into effect in a week, ready or no. Here are Pete's plans.