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Map of weather anomalies

Winter is Back in Our Neck of the Woods

Pete is "lucky" enough to live in the one section of the country where the winter temps are normal or close to it. Looks like a cold January.
Prepper News Update

A Terrible Yet Effective Bombing Campaign

Will Israel's bombing of Gaza prevent future attacks, or is it just a show for political reasons?
An asteroid strikes a planetary body.

Should Fear Drive your Preps?

They say an asteroid impact killed off the dinosaurs. Should fear of random events like this drive you to prep?
A bowl of rice

Rice Prices Climb to 15-year High

Rice prices have climbed 50 percent since 2022, reaching highs last seen in 2008, when markets collapsed during the Great Recession.
independence is another word for freedom

Free Yourself; Don’t Give in to Pressure

You can only have independent action when you have achieved independent thinking, and you will never do so if you are always following the crowd.
Man with gas mask and gun in a wasteland

From Being on the Brink to Worse

According to this report, we were on the brink in 2023. 2024 could see the world pushed over the brink.
Lots of categories make our economy tick.

Dueling Economists and what to Expect in 2024

There is a huge divide between economists who predict economic doomsday in 2024 and those who expect a “soft landing.”
The entrance to an underground bunker.

Lifestyles of Rich and Famous Prepper

Is that a bunker or a five star hotel? When the preppers are billionaires, there may not be much difference in the amenities offered.
A child in bed with a cold

Have you Gotten Sick Yet this Year?

COVID, the flu, RSV, and the common cold seem to be making the rounds and getting children and adults sick. If its not one thing, it's another.
Pete predicts things will get worse in 2024.

2024 Predictions: Things go from Bad to Worse

Pete predicts everything that has gone wrong will get worse in 2024, and our problems will be exacerbated by the election.