Big Change on the Horizon

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A mountain view in the evening

After three years of posting almost daily on this blog, I’m cutting back. I am going to aim for a minimum of two posts per week, and perhaps post three or more at times.

While there are days I feel like I am running out of prepping topics and getting repetitive, that’s not the reason. I’m cutting back because I have started a new business, and it’s demanding more of my time. With the business, my bees, the chickens, the dog, my volunteer commitments, and my wife (oops, I should have put her first), something had to give, and I’m afraid it’s the daily posts.

Before you ask, no, the business is not related to prepping. I’m not selling potassium iodate or tactical gear and I haven’t gotten my FFL. (Although I’ve always kind of wanted one.)

With any luck, I’ll break even this year, or at least not lose too much money, and maybe some money in our second year. My plan is to keep costs low as I build it into a successful business. With any luck, the business will be able to pay me a salary for a couple of years, and then I can sell it and cash out in four or five years. If all goes as planned, I may even stay retired the next time around.

From Concept to Launch

I know people are interested in side gigs and new ways to make money. In the interest of privacy and operational security, I will not give you specifics, but here’s how it came about.

I identified a need in our area. Based on my prior work experience, I had an idea of how to fill that need, so I explored it, researched it, looked at my market, determined my concept was scalable and could be expanded geographically, all of which were good signs. I then examined my likely competition, wrote a business plan, put together a budget, and got my wife’s approval. After looking at the research and reviewing the data I collected, I decided to start small to prove the concept and then expand if it worked. I don’t plan to borrow any money but to “bootstrap” it by reinvesting any profits in the business.

Once the decision was made, I picked a name, bought a domain, incorporated, opened bank accounts, signed up for a credit card merchant account, subscribed to accounting software, got a phone number, and designed a logo and signage. The web site is in the works and and am in the process of starting up social media accounts (ugh!).

Now we just have to wait and see if I have any customers.

Fewer Late Nights

Unlike many bloggers, I don’t write my copy days ahead of time. In most cases, I develop an idea during the day and write that night. As a result, sometimes I sit down at my computer at 9 or 10 p.m. and have no idea what to write about, so I read the news and see what pops up. I don’t think I’ve ever had more than two articles written and ready to post at the same time. I usually write every night and post each article in the wee hours of the morning, which allows me to be timely. Then I check in a couple times a day looking for comments and to post and prepper news item linking to an article. (I expect I’ll still do these; they’re quick and easy.)

For a hobby that started as a way to document our trials and travails as we self-quarantined during the early days of COVID-19, it’s come a long way, with more than 1,300 posts. I’m proud of it, and it’s been fun, but I sure wish I’d gotten paid by the word!

Keep Prepping

I’m going to keep prepping. I’ll keep following the news, and I’m sure I’ll keep having opinions. Expect me to share the best ones here. I’m not going away, just slowing things down.

See ya in a few days.



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