WARNING: The ATF is Testing Confiscation

A rare breed trigger
The ATF is visiting customers of Rarebreed triggers to confiscate them.

As seen in the video at the bottom of this article, the ATF is going door-to-door trying to confiscate forced reset triggers, a firearm accessory the ATF has deemed illegal. The agents show up in plate carriers and require people to turn their triggers over to the agents.

I’d like to see what happens if the person they intend to question were to open the door wearing a plate carrier with a pistol.

As the video explains, the agents are doing quite a few things wrong, but the agents don’t seem to care. They are just following orders.

A Practice Run

I think these visits are practice runs. If the ATF can show up to demand triggers and people acquiesce, that tells them something. It tells them that if they show up to confiscate your guns or your 30-round magazines, you will comply. I suspect they are performing the equivalent of market research. Will 10 percent comply? Will 50 percent? Or will 90 percent? Once they have their answer, they can decide how to proceed in the future.

We need to stop this invasive, tyrannical behavior before they can move from test marketing to a nationwide rollout. The best way to do that is to refuse to cooperate. Don’t turn anything over to them and don’t address their demands. This will make their day unproductive and frustrating. Make their success rate in the low single digits to show that Americans won’t tolerate gun confiscation.

Know your Rights

If the ATF shows up at your door asking questions about recent gun purchases, forced reset triggers, pistol arm braces, ghost guns, bump stocks, or anything else, record their actions and don’t talk to them. Exercise your Fifth Amendment right.

First, keep in mind that you don’t have to answer the door. That’s what doorbell cameras are for. Why would you answer if someone on the other side is wearing a plate carrier? It could be a home invasion.

Second, if you decide to talk to them, or they catch you outside, don’t let them into your house. Tell them they are trespassing and ask them to leave your property. Repeat your request. If they don’t cooperate, call 911 and tell the operator there are armed trespassers on your property who are refusing to leave and trying to intimidate you.

Third, if they claim they have a warrant, tell them you want to see it. If it appears to be a valid search warrant, tell them you are not consenting to a search, but you won’t stand in the way of them executing a search warrant. You do not want to give them consent to enter your house. You also don’t want to do anything that implies you are consenting to a search.

Fourth, don’t let it intimidate you if they threaten to go get a warrant or say something like “don’t make us get a warrant.” If they had enough probable cause to get a warrant, they would have one already. They are visiting you on a fishing expedition, hoping to find something they can use to justify getting a warrant. If you say nothing, that can’t be used against you.

Fifth, if they say they want to ask you some questions, say you’ll be glad to speak to them in your attorney’s office and ask them to make an appointment. Chance are, they won’t take you up on it.

Sixth, don’t lie to them. Lying to a federal officer can land you in jail. (Keep in mind, law enforcement can and will lie to you. Don’t take their word for it when they say you are not in trouble.)

Seventh, remember what we said in point one, and don’t talk to them. Don’t make it easy on them. Refuse to cooperate, but do so legally, politely, and well within your rights.

Video of the Day

There are multiple videos on this topic on YouTube; here’s a good one.