Now we have to Worry About an “Internet Apocalypse”

To some people, connectivity is everything.
To some people, connectivity is everything. A lack of Internet service would devastate them.

It may not be the end of the world, but a solar storm that wipes out the Internet would be “the end of the world as they know it” for many.

When you consider that most communication, financial transactions, and data transfer take place over the Internet, it’s collapse would indeed be considered a TEOTWAWKI event. Beyond the sense of disconnection many Americans would feel without their screens, half of them probably wouldn’t be able to find their way home without an app that relies on the Internet. Apparently, losing the Internet is more frightening to some Americans than losing power, which could also be a side effect of a giant solar flare or CME that strikes the earth.

“The northern latitudes are also especially vulnerable to solar storms, and that’s where a lot of internet infrastructure is concentrated,” according to this article from the Washington Post. “Outages could last for months.”

Published 6/28/2023. Read full article.