Time to Stack it Deep

9mm ammunition
9mm FMJ ammunition

Gun sales processed through the FBI’s instant check system have dropped to their lowest level since 2019, meaning the bug bump in gun sales that took place during the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests is over. That’s good news for anyone who wants to buy a gun because ample supply means low prices.

Of greater interest to those who already own guns, ammo supplies have also dropped. The price per round of 9mm ammo has dropped from a pandemic high of 71 cents per round to 14 cents per round. I’ve actually seen it sell online for less than 13 cents per round. While I’ve personally purchased a few boxes of 9mm, I’ve also enjoyed the lower prices on .300 Blackout and CCI .22LR.

If you’re feeling pretty good about your food supplies, consider buying ammo this month. It doesn’t need refrigeration, has a shelf life longer than freeze dried food, and retains its value.

Published 7/6/2023. View full article.