The U.S. is Downgraded Beyond its Credit Rating

Road sign says trouble ahead
We are facing some dark times before the next election.

Last week, the financial ratings agency Fitch downgraded the United States’ debt from AAA to AA+. That’s still a very high rating, but it’s an expression of concern about the country’s debt load and economic future.

You could argue that the U.S. can “print” or create dollars at the click of a switch, so there’s no reason to worry that it can’t pay back its debt. They could just print the trillions needed to pay back loans. The other side of the argument is that doing so would create massive inflation. If paid back with inflated currency, the investor in U.S. debt might lose out in the long run.

Fitch is right; our economy is pretty screwed up. To go a step further, our government is also pretty screwed up. Add those together and you can’t help but think the country is screwed. I just consider this more evidence that the downward slide not only continues but is gaining speed.

Even if we ignore the possibility of nuclear war being higher than ever before or the threat of war with China, there are problems everywhere you look. I blame the federal government and its continual retreat from capitalism and free markets as it becomes increasingly socialist.

The Purpose of the Constitution

I have a T-shirt that says, “The purpose of the constitution is to limit the power of the government, not the American people.” It’s not only a pretty good T-shirt, it’s the truth. The founders wanted to create a government that could function without trampling the rights of the people. That worked pretty well for the first 150 years. Then socialism started creeping its way into the system. Ever since then, the purpose of the government has been to control the people and secure power for those in charge. The Constitution is largely ignored.

Some point to the New Deal as the time when socialism started to get its claws into our government. Like a mold, it was tenacious. You scrub it out, but it leaves spores behind and bounces back, often coming on even stronger. We went from being what President Lincoln said was a “government of the people, by the people, for the people,” to being a government that treats the people like criminals and slaves.

Unlike capitalists who believe in private property, socialists want the government to own and control the means of production. If they can’t own the factory outright, they want to control it and use regulation to do so. For example, they tell auto makers what fuel efficiency standards must be and force appliance makers not to produce appliances that run on natural gas. They tell electricity producers what kind of fuel they can use and force the adoption of so-called green energy, without regards to how it affects your electric bill.

Taxes are another method of control. When the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution, there were no income taxes; they were implemented 110 years ago. Today, the state and federal government combine to take up to 58 percent of your wages in some states. Add in sales tax and property tax and you might turn 70 percent of your wages over to the government. That’s a higher percentage than the average sharecropper had to give the landowner.

Emancipation Reversal

In an era where Juneteenth is celebrated to recognize the Emancipation Proclamation and the freeing of the slaves, the government has enslaved most of us, and it took just 150 years. Think about it: they tax you, regulate you, medicate you, censor you, and prosecute you. They search you at the airport, stop your car on the highway, and tell you where you can and cannot carry a gun. The government tells you what vaccines your kids must take, what drugs you can and cannot take, and how much you have to pay for your healthcare. States like California even want to punish those citizens who ran away.

Sound like slavery, doesn’t it?

We are no longer citizens in charge of our government. The tables have turned, and the government is now in charge of us. To cement their control, the regime is censoring your speech, de-banking those it disagrees with, canceling its critics, and preventing them from making a living. It’s sending our tax dollars to fight an invasion overseas while leaving our borders open and ignoring the invasion here at home.

At some point, the pendulum will swing too far and the people will revolt. Many predict a civil war, the red states versus the blue, but I predict a revolution in which the government is the target.


To prevent the revolution, the government appeases the masses with bread and circuses, or video games and recreational drugs. They distract you from news that might encourage protest. Every time a story about Hunter Biden and the “Biden Crime Family” breaks, the ruling party arrests Donald Trump again. When Joe Biden stumbles up the stairs, fumbles by shaking hands with someone who isn’t there, or gaffes by saying he cured cancer, the media ignores it. When he sniffs a young child, the powers that be start talking about UFOs again. Anything to distract you from what is going on and how bad things really are.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration plundered the strategic oil reserve, which is at its lowest level ever, and the supplies we need to fight a war are being sent to allies faster than we can replenish them. They fill the government with incompetents hired to meet diversity standards rather than the job requirements; our streets are filled with criminals, the sidewalks are crowded with homeless encampments, and our legislature with self-serving, money-grubbing politicos who don’t care about anything but lining their pockets and getting re-elected. People are living in RVs and cars because they can’t afford a home and the price of food and energy is rising. Most elected officials just shrug.

At some point, those who work enough to get taxed are going to get pissed. Those of us who fought against external enemies are going to object to losing it to an internal enemy. People who have nothing left to lose are going to get angry, and they are going to want to take their anger out on someone. When the boiling water gets hot enough, some of the frogs are going to notice. And that will lead to revolution.

A Dangerous Time

We already live in dangerous times, but the upcoming election year is going to exacerbate things. That means the next 14 months are a question mark in which no one can predict might happen. We will see highly charged emotions, and that can lead people to do unexpected things. Expect more lies, more gaslighting, false flags, deep fakes, carefully orchestrated publicity campaigns, surprising opposition research, a wild primary season with competing claims, and an election that leaves a sour taste in everyone’s mouth.

It’s going to be a bumpy ride to an election that may lead to a revolution. Keep your powder dry, your pantry full, and your family safe.