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Gold Maple Leaf coins

Why You Shouldn’t Buy your Gold at Costco

Costco is a great place to buy your rice, beans and other groceries, but as Pete explains, buying your gold there could be a big mistake.
A frame of fall honey

Back to the Hives for one Last Honey Harvest

After a big honey harvest in late August, the bees surprised us and kept producing for another month. We got anther 50 pounds.
Used merchandise at a flea market. Photo by Alice Pasqual on Unsplash.

Is our System Collapsing in Real Time?

Tucker Carlson thinks our system is collapsing in real time. Hard to argue with that. But if the dollar dies, so will the global financial system.
10 Spam Recipes for Preppers

Price of Spam Could Increase as Hormel Workers Strike

Workers at the largest Hormel plant are set to strike if the company doesn't cut them in on some of the profits the company made in the past 12 months
Stimulus will put money in our pockets.

Can the U.S. Economy Withstand Four Concurrent Shocks?

Economists expect the fourth quarter to be a bumpy one because of these four shocks to the system.
These young raccoons observed our late-night dog walk from a tree and we observed them back.

It has Been a Wild Week on the Homestead

Our local wildlife becomes more visible as winter approaches and they are trying to pack on the pounds. Also some unrelated comments about inflation.
storage foods in buckets

How Would you Spend Two Grand on Prepping?

If you had $2,000 to spend on prepping, what would you buy and why? Pete outlines some options and gives his recommendation.
an FBI gun and badge

Our Institutions are Politicized and No Longer Trustworthy

Its not just institutions like the FBI that are untrustworthy these days. You can lo longer trust your bank or other financial institutions.
Manual toothbrushes may be better for preppers than electrics.

Don’t let Perfect be the Enemy of Good Enough

Are you letting your pursuit of the perfect prepper gear, retreat, or plan stop you from achieving results that are good enough?
A line of people starting at their phones instead of talking to each other.

Why Won’t they Let us Chill?

Social media is turning us against each other by highlighting differences we would otherwise never know existed. We need to chill.