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A battery charger

General Stores are Great for Preppers

Being a well rounded prepper means more than food, water and shelter. Many of those additional items are available at our local general store.
Inexpensive headlamp

How to Pick the Best Headlamp

Headlamps are useful now when working in the dark. After the SHTF, they are going to be critically important. Here's what to look for.
Tenergy 18650 batteries

I Don’t Want to Live in the “Dark Ages”

In a grid-down situation, how long will your batteries last? Do you have a way to recharge them? You need a way to fight the dark.
Highly rated flashlight

Product Review: $15.99 Tractor Supply Flashlight Surprises

Cheap doesn't always mean crappy. Our testing of this light shows that it is an excellent buy with excellent 18650 batteries.
Colorfully wrapped gifts

Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Preppers

Take a few steps ahead in your prepping journey by giving gifts that boost your family's level of preparedness. Check our our suggestions.
A modem pack in various stages of disassembly to recover the 18650 batteries inside.

Buying Cheap Used/Recovered 18650 Batteries for My Survival Stash

What is best for the prepper: Brand new 18650 batteries for $10 each or recovering used or surplus batteries for a fraction of that price?
My NiteCore HC90 headlamp.

Why Every Prepper Should have a Headlamp (or Three)

Flashlights are handy, and I carry one as part of my EDC, but headlamps allow you to go hand-free which is important when you have chores to do in the dark.
examples of CR123s and 18650 batteries

The Best Batteries for Preppers

When the power goes out, either for a few hours or forever, most of us reach for a battery powered device. Here's our advice for the best batteries for preppers

Coughing on Day 4 of Quarantine

This morning, the New York Times chart showed 4,482 known coronavirus infections in the U.S., a jump of 880, bring us back down to a 24 percent increase. Deaths jumped from 66 to 86, an increase of 30 percent.