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snowy mountain cabin

The Single Biggest Reason to Move to the Country

When the SHTF, you want miles, mountains, bridges, and other obstacles between you and the Golden Horde pouring out of the cities.
Razor wire on a building

How to Stay Safe as Crime Rises in Cities

Homelessness, drug use, rising crime, shocking murder rates. Life in many cities is deteriorating. Here are some options to protect yourself.

Prepper News Update July 12

Wall Street Journal says Higher Inflation Is Here for Years Economists surveyed have raised their expectations for inflation lasting through 2023, but not by much....
a large fire

Crazy Real Estate Market Caused by People Fleeing Cities

After a recent renaissance in which cities where THE place to be, people are now fleeing large, urban areas and are desperate to buy rural property.
A hurricane seen from space

August 29: Hurricanes, Riots and Guns, Oh My!

Hurricane Laura is bringing heavy rain to the Mid Atlantic sates while protesters are bringing spray paint, fireworks and violence to cities across the country.
Boarded up storefront. Image by RJA1988 from Pixabay.

It’s Getting Bad Out There

The lockdown started five months ago and the rioting 10 weeks. The combination is ruining the quality of life in major cities.