It’s Getting Bad Out There

The lockdown started five months ago and the rioting 10 weeks. The combination is ruining the quality of life in major cities.

Boarded up storefront. Image by RJA1988 from Pixabay.

I left New York City 28 years ago and moved to a series of smaller and smaller cities. Now we are leaving our home outside a small city and moving to the middle of nowhere.

We are not alone. It’s getting pretty bad in large American cities, but the U.S. media isn’t carrying the story. So here are a few examples for you:

Quality of life is important to residents. Homeless people camping on your sidewalk eroded it. COVID-19 lockdowns erased all reason to live in a city. If you can’t go out in public, you might as well have a big yard and go out in private.

Safety is important. Looting, riots, criminals released from jail prematurely, and a rising crime rate raised the perception of how dangerous it is to live in the city. Politicians who refuse to support the police and prosecutors who refuse to prosecute criminals just make it worse.

This is still the early stage. The lock downs started just five months ago. Now the disease is worse than ever and the economic damage has just begun.

Batten down the hatches, folks. We think its going to get worse before it gets better.

Late Additions

After we published this in the early a.m. of the 16th, we came across the following and thought they would be a good addition:

  • New York is Finished and why it will never recover from COVID. A life-long NYC resident on why he relocated to South Florida and may never go back. Too much of NYC is shut down and violence is out of control.
  • New York As City Hits Its “Expiration Date.” Residents flee after shootings this weekend are dive times higher than year-ago numbers. In a large part because they mayor has undercut the police and scrapped key enforcement, murders this year are already ahead of last year’s total.

Author: The Pickled Prepper

Pete the Pickled Prepper lives on an isolated homestead on the side of a mountain deep in in rural America. He has been preparing for the end of the world for more than 25 years.