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A Glock pistol and its loaded magazine.

My New Carry Gun

Pete takes the plunge and goes with a 9mm and a pistol-mounted optic, proving that old preppers can learn new tricks.
Pete's concealed carry guns.

The Truth About Constant Concealed Carry

If you’ve gone to the trouble and expense of getting a CCW permit, why leave your gun at home? It won’t do you any good there. Practice constant carry.
Police Car

Concealed Carry Gives you Options in a Mass Shooting

Without a gun, you can run and hide. With a gun, you can run, hide, or choose fight back. Give yourself a fighting chance.
Travel by car

How and Why I Carry Guns During Interstate Travel

Being a fairly hardcore survivalist demands sacrifices, but I prefer not to compromise on my personal safety. I carry concealed wherever I go, even when I am on the road.
A concealed carry pistol in a holster

Concealed Carry Challenges in an Era of Protests

With the increase of hate, anger, and violence, it may be time to reconsider your concealed carry decisions, including what you carry and how you would react under certain circumstances.