Concealed Carry Gives you Options in a Mass Shooting

Police Car
police car

The shooting Thursday at a Kroger grocery store in Tennessee is an example of why anyone concerned about their personal safety should have a concealed carry permit and carry daily.

While information is still coming in, the shooter, who may have been a disgruntled employee or former employee, shot 13 people, killing one, and then killed himself.

People in Kroger had a few options, namely run or hide. People hid in the freezers and in offices. Others ran from the store. If you were carrying a weapon, you’d have the option to shoot back. You could save yourself and potentially others.

I’m not suggestion you have to run towards the gunfire. That’s the job of law enforcement, but you have that option. If the gunfire is moving towards you, then you can engage. If you have trained and stay calm, you can shoot the bad guy, possibly catching him by surprise, before he can get you in his sights.