Prepper News Update September 24


Rising Fertilizer Prices to Boost Food Costs

Fertilized prices are reaching a point not seen in a decade, which could translate to higher food costs as farmers seek to recoup their spending by raising prices. Because soy beans and grains are used to feed livestock, this will impact meat prices, too. This article on Yahoo News, which originally appeared in Bloomberg, details the many things that are driving up the cost of fertilizer, from storms in the Gulf Coast to government sanctions.

UK Faces Multiple Problems Due to Natural Gas Shortage

The UK is experiencing an energy crisis, high natural gas prices, gasoline rationing, rising fertilized prices, and a CO2 shortage, and it is caused by bad political decisions. This is important to U.S. readers because the same thing could happen here. For example, laws designed to generate green energy could cause power outages, gas shortages and other problems.

When government interferes with free markets, there are always unintended consequences.

CEOs Admit Inflation isn’t Transitory

At a recent Morgan Stanley conference, some Fortune 500 CEOs warned that “persistent inflation is ahead” and the situation is getting worse, not better.

The Afghanistization of America

This essay argues that, rather than being the great melting pot we once were, the polarization of America is leading to tribal identities. As a result, we are becoming more like Afghanistan than the land we were decades ago. An interesting read.