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The needle in the red means the electric fence isn't working.

My Bees and Electric Fence are Costing me Money

Homesteading takes investment of time ad money. Sometimes it is planned; other times it catches you by surprise.
An animal's eyes

I Have a Late-Night Encounter and I get a Big Shock

Sometimes things go bump in the night. Sometimes the dog barks and we don't know why. Then I saw a pair of glowing eyes in the distance.
The electric fence is fixed!

Rebuilding our Electric Fence the Right Way

Fixing my electric fence meant tearing it down, installing larger insulators, and almost starting from scratch. But it was a learning experience.
The needle in the red means the electric fence isn't working.

How to Screw Up Your Electric Fence Build

I've never installed an electric fence before, and it showed. Sometimes watching YouTube can't replace trial and error.
Week old chicks

Another Busy Week on the Homestead

With spring giving way to summer and summer storms rolling through, we have to plan our work around the weather. There always seems to be more to be done.
Installing the fence

It’s Finally Time to Install our Welded Wire Fence

Now that the beehives are set up, we need to get our fencing up before the bears sniff them out and come for a visit.
fence posts braced and ready

Prepper Diary March 6: Installing our Fence Posts Continues

After drilling our holes earlier in the week and picking up gravel and concrete yesterday, we are ready to continue installing our fence posts.
Vermeer Mini Skid Steer with Auger

Prepper Diary: We Review our Options and Pick a Powerful Fence...

After evaluating a number of power augers, we decided to go with a powerful option to dig our 25 fence post holes.
A pile of wooden fence posts.

Prepper Diary February 17: We Make a Start on the Garden...

We venture out to fetch supplies for our future garden and load up the pick-up truck with fence posts and welded wire fencing.