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A frame of fall honey

Back to the Hives for one Last Honey Harvest

After a big honey harvest in late August, the bees surprised us and kept producing for another month. We got anther 50 pounds.
Lots of bees

Lots of Bees, Not Much Honey

I have plenty of bees, but little honey. We are all waiting for something to bloom besides wildflowers and clover so the honey flow can start.
Honey from the spring and summer

How to add Calories to your Long Term Storage Plan

Storing food is critical to survival, but raising your own food can provide critical calories and help extend the life of your food storage.
Chunk honey in quart jars

Working in the Honey House

Decapping, extracting, filtering and bottling are steps required to take honey from the comb to the bottle.
plastic bottle filled with amber honey

Our Early Honey Harvest is in the Bottle

Its early in the second year of raising bees and the hives have already produced more honey than they did last year.
Rows of honey jars

Good News from the Bee Yard

It's finally time to harvest some honey and see how our bees performed this year.
Anatolian Shepherd/Kangal dog. Photo by bushido mars on Unsplash.

Prepper Diary August 15: We Get a Dog and New Bee...

Adding a good-size dog to our prepper property has been a goal of mine since Day One.
Comb honey just minutes after it was removed from our beehive.

Our First Honey Harvest is in and it Tastes Delicious

I didn't expect to harvest any honey this year, our first with the hives, but just 60 days later, we pulled our first frame of honey from one of the hives.