Prepare Now for Self-Defense after the SHTF

You’ve got guns and ammo in your prepper stash, but have you given any thought to the circumstances in which you would use them?

While the right to self-defense is in the news because of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, I thought I would address self-defense from a prepping standpoint.

Let me add that I am not an attorney and this is not legal advice. What follows is my opinion about how firearms fit into a self-defense scenario after a SHTF situation. I encourage you to think about it, do some research, make some plans, and form your own opinions. It’s great to have guns as part of your preparedness supplies, but if you haven’t considered under what circumstances you would use them, then I respectfully suggest you don’t put it off much longer. You should give some thought to what your rules of engagement would be in a few different scenarios and how you would arm your team. The best time to make a plan is before you need the plan.

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