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Glock 48 magazines

Upgrading the Glock 48 for Concealed Carry

The Glock 48 is a nice gun, but it holds only 10 rounds and has a not-so-good trigger. Pete addresses both these issues.
the aftermath of a police shooting.

Important Lessons from Police Badge Cam Videos

What can you learn from watching police badge cam videos of shootouts? Plenty! Pete breaks it down with examples.
W.D. Cooper's Boston Tea Party engraving

Why Vigilantes are a Good Thing

Self-defense, self-determination, and resistance to tyranny have long been part of the American tradition.
An armed citizen shoots an armed robber.

Tacos and Armed Robbery: Is the Shooter a Hero?

Pete weighs in on the Houston taqueria shooting in which an armed diner shot an armed robber in the back eight times and then one in the head.
A pro-choice protest in Washington.

Overturning Roe v. Wade Leads to Protest and More

The leaked Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v. Wade is already generating protests and civil unrest. Are you prepared for worse?
A young woman prepared to defend herself with a pistol.

There is no Such Thing as a Gun-Free Zone

You have a choice: You can be the hero who returns fire and shoots the bad guy or be the victim lying in a puddle of your own blood.
A shooter providing overwatch.

Prepare Now for Self-Defense after the SHTF

You've got guns and ammo in your prepper stash, but have you given any thought to the circumstances in which you would use them?